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Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Creatively-Inclined!


Let's face it - we all have some family members that are just the HARDEST to buy the right gifts for! Admittedly, when it comes to gifting ideas, most of us are laughably un-innovative and purchase the trend of the week or month to save time, only for it to end up in our loved one's garage or closet after a week of initial use. 

While we don't have a solution that fits all - we can certainly share a few ideas that your creatively-inclined loved ones will cherish! And they'll remember you each time they use it. So let's get started...

1. VintageArt™ Fluorescent Ink Glass Pen 10-Piece Set

A limited edition item from the VintageArt™ collection, the VintageArt™ Fluorescent Ink Glass Pen 10-Piece Set is a one-of-a-kind gift item that can create stunning looking fluorescent and glowing artwork under dark light. 

10-Piece Set includes:

  • 1 X Exquisitely Hand-Crafted Glass Pen
  • 8 X Unique Color Inks, providing endless experimentation
  • 1 X Ultraviolet Dark Light, to make your inks come to life!

2. VintageArt™ Glass Calligraphy Pen Set with Ink and Pen Rest

Make every written word a treasure! There is just something special about a handwritten note, card, letter or journal entry. If you have loved ones who like journaling, letter writing, sketching or drawing, this is a gift you'll want to give them. No special skills needed!

The VintageArt™ Glass Calligraphy Pen Set is artisan-made and features a unique threaded tip design that is sure to bring excitement whenever you put pen to paper! Every piece is individually hand-crafted and each one that you own will be the only one of its kind! 

The set includes ink and a matching pen rest - recipients will be ready to start doodling, drawing and writing instantly! 

    3. Learn N' Burn™ 95-Pc Wood Burning Kit

    Sure, Superman's laser eyeballs might seem kind of cool, but does he have a temperature modulating valve and 54 interchangeable burning heads? (And can you imagine how much he has to spend on eye drops?) Become a crafting superhero with the Learn N' Burn 95-Piece Pyrogrpahy Wood Burning Kit. All the power, none of the dry eyes. The Learn N' Burn 95-Pc Wood Burning Kit is an all-inclusive kit that has everything you need to get going with your new hobby right out of the box!

    4. VintageArt™ Mandala Dotting Tools 19-Piece Set

    VintageArt™ Mandala Dotting Tools 19-Piece Set

    Ever tried dotting? This VintageArt™ Mandala Dotting Tools 19-Piece Set is perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at the versatile art of dotting! 

    Each acrylic pen is precision cut and suitable for drawing dots on rocks, paper, stretched canvas, or many other surfaces to create beautiful mandala art.

    Suitable for nail art, making dots, blending seams in clay, and embossing patterns on soft metal or paper, also fit for cake, fondant flower mold.

    5. MyriWell™ Marvel 3D Printing Pen Set

    Get your creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild with our MyriWell™ Marvel 3D Pen Set! Create art in 3D, draw in 3D and even defy gravity with this nifty tool. Great for endless hours of creative and stimulating crafts time for kids and adults alike. Build on to your ideas as they come, thread by thread straight into the air for unlimited fun.

    Perfect for kids, hobbyists, gadget geeks and deeply fulfilling for all those who even share the love for crafts. Plan your next holiday project, makes for an ideal gift for all ages. Make it yours this Christmas, tune into your inner child.