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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Creatively-Inclined!


Let's face it - we all have some family members that are just the HARDEST to buy the right gifts for! Admittedly, when it comes to gifting ideas, most of us are laughably un-innovative and purchase the trend of the week or month to save time, only for it to end up in our loved one's garage or closet after a week of initial use. 

While we don't have a solution that fits all - we can certainly share a few ideas that your creatively-inclined loved ones will cherish! And they'll remember you each time they use it. So let's get started...

1. VintageArt™ Fluorescent Ink Glass Pen 10-Piece Set

A limited edition item from the VintageArt™ collection, the VintageArt™ Fluorescent Ink Glass Pen 10-Piece Set is a one-of-a-kind gift item that can create stunning looking fluorescent and glowing artwork under dark light. 

10-Piece Set includes:

  • 1 X Exquisitely Hand-Crafted Glass Pen
  • 8 X Unique Color Inks, providing endless experimentation
  • 1 X Ultraviolet Dark Light, to make your inks come to life!

2. VintageArt™ Glass Calligraphy Pen Set with Ink and Pen Rest

Make every written word a treasure! There is just something special about a handwritten note, card, letter or journal entry. If you have loved ones who like journaling, letter writing, sketching or drawing, this is a gift you'll want to give them. No special skills needed!

The VintageArt™ Glass Calligraphy Pen is artisan-made and features a unique threaded tip design that is sure to bring excitement whenever you put pen to paper! Every piece is individually hand-crafted and each one that you own will be the only one of its kind! 

The set includes ink and a matching pen rest - recipients will be ready to start doodling, drawing and writing instantly! 

    3. ArtToGo™ Foldable Water Color Paint Set

    Imagine taking your favorite water colors on your next trip or outing, but all without the hassle of carrying multiple color palettes, water bottles, cleaning cloths and brushes!

    The ArtToGo™ Foldable Water Color Paint Set makes this a reality with its innovative, convenient foldable design. Take your passion for art with you wherever you go, all in your pocketThis makes the perfect gift for the creatively-inclined in your family.

    4. 8-Piece Dual-Line Metallic Color Markers

    This set of 8 Dual-Line Metallic Markers is perfect for smooth writing. Use for greeting cards, journaling, doodling, poster making, sketching and drawing! 

    Suitable for a variety of paper types. 

    Simple to use:

    1. Shake the pen before each use.

    2. Press pen tip into the paper 3 times to start ink flow

    3. Recap after use to prevent drying

    5. VintageArt™ Ultimate Constellations Glass Pen Journal Gift Set

    Take the worry out of gifting and gift this priceless set to your loved ones.

    Time to store all your precious memories, future aspirations, unaccomplished tasks and formidable plans in an enjoyable way with this limited edition VintageArt™ Ultimate Constellation Glass Pen Zodiac Journal Set.

    Exquisite Packaging - This unique set has been curated specially for the Holiday Season and comes in a gorgeous gift box. This limited edition set is only available till stocks last.